For years actors have yearned for a place to showcase
their individual talents in front of an audience of
peers; so out of the hearts and minds of actors,
MONOLODGE” was born!

As one of the fastest growing communities of
thespians and acting enthusiasts, MONOLODGE has
become the only place in New York City where you
will find a multi-cultural and cross-generational
audience gathered to celebrate the joy of acting.  Set
to the soundtrack of classic film, television, & musical
theater theme songs, MONOLODGE is definitely an
actor’s home away from home. This private event has
quickly grown into a grassroots theatrical movement
that should be experienced live.

"If you're a singer or musician, you can find an 'open
mic' opportunity all over NYC; if you're a comedian,
there are dozens of places to work on your craft; the
same holds true for dancers and poets. Even non-
singers get Karaoke night.” said MONOLODGE co-
creator, Drego Moore. ”We had to do this for the

MONOLODGE is an intimate environment, which
heightens the experience for the actor and the
audience.  The central placement of the small stage
within a lounge allows the audience to truly connect
to the actor, and the actor to fully engage the

MONOLODGE was created in August 2011 as a
platform for up-and-coming, as well as established
actors to perform their favorite monologues.  Each
event features a talented group of hand-selected
actors.  Open casting for the remainder of the season
will begin soon.